This is a Click4Time recruiting site for direct salespeople and distributors who we call Affinity Sales Executives (ASEs). For companies who are subscribed to Click4Time and their Service Providers, Click4Time offers an Ambassador Referral Program. As a result, companies and their Service Providers are not eligible for the ASE program.


We offer a 20% base monthly commission, on revenue from direct sales for 5 years.

Plus 2 levels of sponsor / referral sales commissions with 2% for Level-1 and 1% for Level-2.

Referral Sales

This is a simple direct selling model where you earn commissions on your direct sales and on those you refer. An ASE or Distributor ASE who refers a person or another distributor to become an ASE is the “Originating ASE” and the referred ASE is a “Level-1 ASE” of the Originating ASE. When a Level-1 ASE refers an ASE, the second ASE is a “Level- 2 ASE” in relation to the Originating ASE.

We pay the Originating ASE a 2% commission on all direct sales of the Level-1 ASE and a 1% commission on all direct sales of the Level-2 ASE for as long as the Originating ASE is earning a minimum Base Monthly Commission of $10. If an Originating ASE’s Base Monthly Commission is less than $10 a month for 4 months in a row, no further Referral Commissions will be paid.

Corporate / Network Commission

Associations, Distributors, Suppliers, Franchises, Corporations and business networks are collectively defined to be “Networks”. An ASE facilitating (“Facilitating ASE”) an agreement between a Network and Click4Time would receive a 1% commission on all direct Network sales (“Network Sales”) made to the members of the Network for as long as the Originating ASE is earning a minimum Base Monthly Commission of $10. If the Facilitating ASE’s Base Monthly Commission is less than $10 a month for 4 months in a row, no further Network commissions will be paid.

Network Sales include sales to the Network’s members by the Facilitating ASE, any other ASE and any direct sales made by the Network to its membership or employees.


  • The product is an internet software service that has a broad audience in any country.
  • You are not restricted to any territory. The world is your marketplace with the qualification that the system is English only today, with Chinese soon to be released followed by other languages.
  • The service is designed for Internet connected desktop computers, smart phones and most mobile devices.
  • There are lots of competitors in the space but no one has a commanding lead.

Consider this example: Our experience in some typical North American cities is that many beauty salons already use a booking system. Yet, we have found there remains a very large number who do not use a booking service and are VERY receptive to signing up. The same applies to service providers such as chiropractors, massage clinics, physiotherapists and more than 100 other industry sectors. We estimate there are more than 15,000,000 targets in the USA alone.

Success has a great deal to do with timing. One can be too early for a new market, or too late. We believe the timing is right. If you have a question, you Google it. Today, it’s becoming second nature to assume you can book appointments, tours, events and meeting rooms online. In fact, many do, but the surge has just begun.


We believe that our product is intuitive, easy to understand and is attractive to a very large target audience. Our philosophy is to find out what the client wants and to provide it. To that end, we will be welcoming your feedback and input. We are very much invested in our mutual success and in building a strong, winning team.

It is our opinion that we are offering a superb, if not stellar, direct selling opportunity. Even so, we are clear that this is not an opportunity for everyone. You need to:

  • have some sales skills,
  • have basic computer skills and be technically oriented,
  • be able to carry yourself for at least 2-3-4 months until sales begin to accumulate sufficiently well for the monthly commissions to be meaningful,
  • be clear that your commissions will be a result of your effort and sales abilities.

By clicking on Proceed, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the above and want to proceed with signing up as an ASE. At this point, by clicking on Proceed, you are not agreeing to the terms of our ASE Agreement. You, of course, will get to review the ASE Agreement before you agree to it.

Affinity Sales Executives Sign-Up

If you are not quite sold yet, but seriously interested, send us a brief resume to the email address below. We will send you our demo URL which will show you the booking system from both the Vendor and the Client/Customers point of view.